Do's and Don'ts
Posted on Aug 10th, 2020

All of these items are represented in the LSFI - Bylaws which everyone received upon purchasing their home.  You can, also, find the full bylaw documents on this website.
  • Parking on the grass (this is never acceptable even for a short duration)
    • Makes the community look unkept = Lowers property values
    • Breaks sprinkler system.  Homeowners are responsible for maintaining sprinkler heads = costs you money plus increase irrigation usage which WE ALL PAY FOR
  • Leaving trash cans out too long (day before pickup date after 6 pm and take them in the same day as pickup)
  • Leaving trash cans outside visible from the street.
    • Makes the community look unkept = Lowers property values
  • Changes to the exterior of your home/property without prior permission
    • We want everyone to keep improving their home, but you must fill out an architectural approval form which must be approved PRIOR to starting the work.
  • Yard signs.
    • Makes the community look unkept = Lowers property values
    • This means NO political signs as well.  We did relax the rules for graduation signs since the pandemic had such a devastating effect on everyone.
  • Yard maintenance.
    • This is a big one and covers many different aspects of your property.  Mowing, excessive weeds, dead/dying lawn, bushes and trees all must be maintained in a presentable fashion.
  • Pet waste.  Smell and stepping in it lowers property values AND makes people very angry.
    • This should go without saying, but here we are saying it, PICKUP after your dog.  When your dog does his/her business you must pick it up and dispose of the waste in your OWN can.
    • Picking up after your dog isn't limited to other people's property - you must also pickup after them within your own yard.
  • Pets on leash.  Not only is this a Collier County ordinance it is also within our bylaws.
    • If your dog attacks another dog or person, the homeowner is responsible monetarily as well as legally.
    • Your dog is always the most gentle and friendliest until they aren't - keep that in mind.
  • Renters
    • Although renting your home is allowed within LSFI, it comes with additional rules that must be followed PRIOR to the tenant moving in.  Contact the property management company or attend a Board meeting get the specific rules for renting.
    • Of note - you cannot under any circumstances renting a room nor may you rent the house to more than one family unit.
    • Tenants must follow ALL LSFI bylaws, the homeowner is responsible and if they violate too many too frequently we have the right to evict.
  • Speeding.  Although not in our bylaws, we are seeing a massive increase in people speeding through the neighborhood.  25 mph is the limit!  Our many CCSO Sheriff homeowners that are dotted around the neighborhood would sure like to write you a ticket especially with so many children in the neighborhood now

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